7 benefits


Center of a large market with a population of 2 billion people!

The location of Okinawa - at the center of East Asia, within 4 hours away by air from major cities in Japan and Asian countries - makes a speedy access to the mega-market of a population of 2 billion possible.The handling volume of international cargos at Naha Airport in 2019 was approximately 100,000 tons, which was the fifth largest in Japan after Narita, Haneda, Kansai and Chubu airports. Business opportunities in Okinawa are greatly growing.


The closest Japanese "Special Economic Zone" to East Asia and South-East Asia!

Okinawa has adopted high-rate income tax deductions (up to 40%) and tax incentives to promote facility investments that can not be seen in other prefectures. Various special zones or regional systems such as "International Logistics Hub Industrial Cluster Zone," "Information and Communication Industry Promotion Zone," "Special Economic and Financial Revitalization Zone," "Industrial Innovation Zone" and "Program for Tourism Destination Promotion Zones" are established so that businesses in Okinawa will be carried out advantageously.


Utilize the data of tourist trends for your market research in Japan's domestic market! Promote your brand for more recognition in Japan!

Okinawa attracts many tourists every year. Since hotel guests are almost averaged across all prefectures, cosmetic manufacturers and food companies use this opportunity for market research. Marketing effort also is underway such as development of local collaboration products with popular animated characters and testing new products at specialty shops. By deploying a business in Okinawa - one of the favorite destinations for tourists - your products will gain more attention and you can improve the brand name recognition in Japan and overseas.


High population growth rate and an abundant and talented young workforce!

Although most parts of Japan witness declining and aging population, Okinawa has a growing population and a stable labor force can be secured over the medium to long term. Every year, schools such as National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Occupational Development School and Okinawa Industrial High School contribute to many industrial human resources that you can expect to secure talented personnel. Furthermore, Okinawa Prefecture provides subsidies up to 1.2 million yen per person for new employment under 35 years old. (up to 2 years)

*As of 2021


Low Risk of Simultaneous Disaster

The disaster risk in Okinawa is low due to its distance from the mainland. In fact, several companies have set up their businesses here because of this reason.


Safe, secure and comfortable living environment, and rich culture

It is essential to have a safe, secure and comfortable environment in order to conduct business safely. In addition to the well-acknowledged good public order in Japan, the friendly nature peculiar to Okinawa welcomes those foreigners coming to Okinawa warmly. Various international events are organized at the International Exchange Foundation and JICA Okinawa, and all families are welcomed to participate. Also, the rich culture of Okinawa contributed to 9 locations on UNESCO World Heritage List.


Operation of Naha Airport second runway and the development of a large-scale and high-performance comprehensive distribution center at the Naha Port!

The second runway with a total length of 2,700m started operation at Naha Airport in March 2020. At Naha Port, the development of a large-scale, high-performance comprehensive distribution center has been completed.
The possibilities of business utilizing Okinawa's sky and ocean are further expanding.




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