Asia Business
Network Project

The "Asia Business Network Project" aims to promote business exchange between Okinawa and overseas companies.
It provides support for companies and organizations in Okinawa to build networks with overseas companies and expand their business,
The program also provides support for foreign companies to invest and conduct business transactions in Okinawa.
The program is targeted at companies and organizations in Okinawa that are considering overseas partnerships and overseas companies that are considering business development in Okinawa.

For companies in Okinawa, the program provides consultation services, case studies of cooperation, networking support, etc. For overseas companies, the program provides information on the business environment, consultation services, and observation tours.
For overseas companies, we provide information on the business environment, consultation, and coordination of business inspection tours.
This project will create business opportunities that transcend regional boundaries and strengthen Okinawa's position as an international business hub.

Okinawa Investment Support Center

We provide information about business environment and economic situation of Okinawa as well as consultation services for incorporation of a business.
We also introduce hubs of international distribution and provide information and support about various incentives for business. In addition, for those who wish to visit and observe companies in Okinawa before you deploy investment or other specific plans, we coordinate and accompany your visit.

Overseas Business Development Support

We provide support for companies and organizations in the prefecture to build networks with overseas companies and organizations in order to expand their business.
We provide consultation services in Chinese, English, and Japanese, introduce examples of overseas partnerships, and provide various support services necessary for overseas partnerships, such as understanding the intentions of each partner and the issues it faces.




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